Good spots for a beer on the Stuart highway

The Stuart Highway is a massive stretch of road that connects the northern city of Darwin to the southern city of Adelaide in Australia. At 2,834 kilometres, road trippers can literally spend weeks traversing this immense landscape, which means they spend a lot of time in the car! Recognising this, travellers really need a reliable reference for good spots to stop for the night and enjoy a great beer along the Stuart Highway. Also known as the Explorer’s Way, drivers can start either in the Northern Territory or South Territory to cross one of the largest stretches of highway on the planet.

Beginning in Adelaide, there are two cities called Port Pirie and Port Augusta that are both thriving areas drivers should be aware of. Located 226 kilometres northeast of Adelaide, Port Pirie is a popular stopover for the fact that it isn’t too far outside of Adelaide, and has plenty of places to eat and drink. If drivers continue to head north for another 75km, they will discover the bustling town of Port Augusta. Among the many eateries in this area, the Pastoral Hotel is ranked in the city for being one of the top ten things to do when visiting the area. Rave reviews are rampant about the great pub that is attached to this motel, with many praising both the food and drink selection. Their two-storey hotel has many features like a bistro, main bar with TAB and Keno, a gaming room and accommodation services on site. Opened everyday of the week, many travellers can visit the bistro both day and night for food and drink. Boasting a ‘Sip’n Save Cellars outlet,’ the Pastoral Hotel claims to have a great selection of alcoholic beverages that are available to the public too!

Continuing north toward Alice Springs, 495km from Adelaide, is the infamous Spud’s Roadhouse. Located in Pimba, this stopover has become a landmark stop for many travellers along the Explorer’s Way. Serving as a petrol station, bar, restaurant, market, and place for accommodation, Spud’s has established a reputation for itself as being a must see along the Stuart Highway and a great place to have a brew. Not only does this serve as a great break for drivers, but two of the more iconic trains (the Indian Pacific and Ghan from the Great Southern Railway) come through Pimba to service the town from both Adelaide and Darwin. As vacationers make their way north, Coober Pedy is the next popular stop, serving as a halfway point between Adelaide and Alice Springs. Known for being a large producer of opals, Coober Pedy has plenty to choose from for beer selections, but a resounding number one on the list continues to be the Opal Inn. Praised for its eclectic atmosphere and being in a central location, the Opal Inn is a stomping ground for the weary traveller needing a drink and rest. With both a saloon and lounge bar, there is no shortage of beer flowing at this establishment.

After driving off from Coober Pedy, drivers will be making their way to the halfway mark on Stuart Highway between Adelaide and Darwin, Alice Springs. Just before getting there, travellers must stop at the lovely Erldunda Roadhouse. Located in the Red Centre, Erldunda Roadhouse is filled with smiling faces and excellent services for every tired traveller may have. Situated in an ideal location to visit Urluru, Erldunda is a prime spot for some rest and relaxation, with one of the most excellent pubs along the way. Continuing north, many travellers will usually make a stop in Alice Springs as it is the third largest city in the Northern Territory with much to do and see. But when going past this about 375kilometres north, travellers will happen upon a particularly unique and excellent area along the way known as Wycliffe Well. This particular spot is famous worldwide for alien and UFO sightings, but what many don’t realise is that it is also a great watering hole for travellers wanting to stop and refuel both their car and themselves. The Wycliffe Well Holiday Park is a brilliant spot for people seeking accommodation, but they also have one of the best pubs for beer.

As travellers keep heading north, the next stop is sure to be a winner because it is renowned for being truckies’ favourite spot. Dunmarra Wayside Inn Caravan Park is located about 310 km south of Katherine, with visitors raving of excellent pies, clean services, and an overall interesting inn along the Stuart Highway that is sure to quench every travellers thirst for great beer. Just before reaching Darwin, there is one last stop on the route that sightseers must visit and that is Adelaide River Resort. Advertising a warm welcome to travellers, shady beer garden, huge selection of bottled and draft beers, and boutique beers, this is the best place to cap off or start a beer tour of Stuart Highway!

Exciting Announcement! Erldunda to Uluru Tours Now Happening

Erldunda Roadhouse is now offering a tour to iconic destinations such as Kata Tjuta and Uluru making it the perfect gateway to the Red Centre.

Erldunda Roadhouse is an affordable place to base yourself while you let our experienced tour guides show you the real outback they love and enjoy so much.

The day is filled with highlights including:


We travel to Kata Tjuta (Olgas) for the first walk of the day into Walpa Gorge. Embrace the domes of Kata-Tjuta on your first walk of the day, while taking in the views of the open plains on the return walk.



We then visit the Aboriginal Cultural Centre where you will have time to learn about the local Pitjantjatjara people and buy some souvenirs. The Cultural Centre was built with 90,000 mud bricks with the help of the local Anangu people. It is built on a sacred site and has very special meaning to the local Anangu people.


We then head to the base of Uluru (Ayers Rock), which is next to the entrance to the Uluru climb. From here one of the two guides will take you on a guided Mala Walk. The Mala Walk follows the north-west side of Uluru, where there are many fine examples of Anangu rock art, and you can experience the wonder of the sheer vertical walls. The guide will tell dreamtime stories of the Anangu People.


We drive from the front of Uluru around to the Kuniya car park, which is at the back of Uluru. From here we start our second Uluru guided walk to the Mutitjulu Waterhole. The guide will take you along a short track to the Mutitjulu Waterhole – home of an ancestral water snake called Wanampi. The guide will share stories of local traditions and explain how the Anangu people traditionally used the waterhole for hunting. The caves containing rock art were used in the past by Anangu still alive today.



The scene has been set, the highlight of the day, the breathtaking Uluru sunset with a glass of bubbly and a delicious Aussie BBQ. A spectacular day never to be forgotten. After sunset we set off to Erldunda.

For those of you that are a little weary after all that there’s plenty of accommodation options. We have powered caravan options, camping space to pitch and tent and for those who didn’t bring their own bed we have a range of comfortable, affordable and air-conditioned motel rooms.