Q&A With Dane Certificate The Travelling Magican

Desert Oaks

In anticipation of Dane Certificate’s travelling magic show coming to Erldunda Roadhouse, we asked Dane a little more about himself and what we can expect!

Q: Dane, for the last 3 months you have shifted your focus from performing at Dane Certificate’s Magic Tricks, Gags & Theatre to performing in a travelling magic show, what drew you to the idea of travelling, and what brings you to Erldunda Roadhouse?

The purpose of creating the magic theatre was to have a space to invent, create and perform magic tricks and develop routines. For the past five years I have done so with a regular audience coming to my shows in Melbourne. I have a 91 year old friend who spent his whole life travelling with his magic show-he would visit all the towns around Australia in his bus, truck or whatever he needed to carry his different shows. “Mandrake” would give me advice over the phone on travelling and turned my dream into reality sooner than I would have without him I think.

I started imagining taking my show to people across Australia in a bus and trailer and now that is happening. Last year I spent months at a time travelling around in a small combo van taking magic to WA, East coast NSW, Tas, SA and VIC-I don’t know how I fit my show/myself in that tiny car but I did..sometimes I’d sleep under the stars-doves would appear at shows, disappear and reappear at the next location. What people forget is life is an illusion and a magician defies logic.

I am going over to Uluru and I wanted to stop along the way at Erldunda Roadhouse.

Q: We understand this will be your first time performing in Outback Australia, what are you expecting, and what can our guests expect from you?

You can expect a little magic show inspired by magicians from 1900s..a look at the art of illusion-I will simply take ordinary objects and do something impossible with them. Something for all ages.

Q:When did you first discover magic, and decide that you wanted to be a magician?

I first discovered magic when I was very young. I saw a homeless man levitating lit candles out the back of a butcher shop where I worked after school. I quietly practiced magic and saw a working magician on the streets of Melbourne. To this day I think he is the best magician I have ever seen. I think he’s name was Benny Hutton but I’m not too sure it was so long ago. But after seeing a professional magician I went straight to Bernard’s magic shop and bought a couple of things and It snowballed from there.

Q: What would you say are the best and worst aspects of your profession?

Best aspects: Doing the impossible, taking people to a world of wonder, flying
Worst aspects: Being on the road for months on end can get a bit hard at times but overall it’s enjoyable and it’s all part of the adventure.

Q: Who has influenced your magic and performance style?

Charlie Chaplin, Laurel & Hardie, Benny Hutton, Syd Barrett, Thurston the magician.

Q: If you could pick a superpower (outside of magic) what would it be and why?

I would take away sickness and suffering-and make more people realise that love is all you need. I believe that is the truth and everyone is a healer.

Q: Here at the Roadhouse, there are no smoke and mirrors, are you concerned our guests may be able to uncover the secrets to your tricks, in such an intimate setting?

You can come up as close as you like. You can even use binoculars!

Q: Do you have a favourite trick to perform? One we might see at Erldunda Roadhouse? (No spoilers though!)

All my tricks are favourites. People will be surprised.

Q: When attending another magician’s show, can you usually figure out how they have pulled off a trick, or are you just as stumped as the rest of us?

Depends on the show..I enjoy a good magician based on how they make you feel and of course being baffled is a part of the experience but it’s not always the reason I would re-watch a show. I don’t think it always comes down to knowing or not but being taken to another world or just enjoying other aspects.

Q: How do you ensure your act engages people of all ages?

I don’t ensure the show engages all ages, it’s not what goes through my head when I create but of course there is nothing that is explicit and its family friendly. When I do children’s shows I do a similar thing only because I treat everyone the same and try to make the visual magic something that can be understood by all ages without language coming into it. I have also done shows for deaf people with the same outlook- magic eye candy.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseeable circumstances, the performance of Dane the Great Magician at Erldunda Roadhouse this Friday, 21 April has been postponed (date to be confirmed).
In the meantime, we will honour any bookings which have been made using our “MAGIC25” discount code, and be sure to let you know when the show has been re-scheduled!

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